Watch time: 10:30


In this video, I talk about what should always be a priority for you in your training, and why it’s a good idea to develop your escapes and defenses first.

You will learn…

  • Why you should train escapes and defenses first to reach the highest levels of skill in the shortest time possible 
  • The critical psychological advantage you gain when you become confident in your escapes and defenses [1:50] 
  • How developing your defenses and escapes will help you hold more dominant positions more regularly 
  • The secret weapon you’ll develop as a result of having solid defenses and escapes that will help every part of your game, weather you’re on the offensive and defensive. [3:44] 
  • How becoming proficient in escapes and defenses helps you to use less strength and conserve more energy, becoming relaxed in everything you do. [4:04] 
  • The one thing you need to know to be able to have confidence no matter who your opponent is [5:20] 
  • Why defenses and escapes were the key to Rickson’s dominance [6:20] 
  • My own Rickson story, where he let me set up a crucifix until it was damn near finished, but he managed to deny the very last movement I needed to finish the choke, until I had to give up and move on (I had the arm, I had the gi wrapped, but it was the very last connection he was able to deny) [7:20] 
  • Why the entire foundation of Jiu-Jitsu truly is defense and escape, rather than attack. [9:50]



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