Henry Akins’ White Belt to Blue Belt Fundamentals Course

Dear Jiu Jitsu Player,

Its no secret that the Blue Belt is considered by many to be THE most important belt in Jiu-Jitsu.  I would never promote a student to Blue Belt without them first demonstrating a profound physical AND mental understanding of Jiu Jitsu and how to use it. 


The reason why Blue Belt is THE most important belt is this… 


…by the time you receive your Blue Belt you already should know most (if not all) of the fundamentals you’ll need to get your Black Belt. The foundation of your life long style and game can be set at Blue Belt. 


This deep understanding of the concepts and philosophy of Jiu-Jitsu which create your foundation will guide the rest of your Journey up each of the belt ranks. 


Having a TRUE Blue Belt measured by skill and understanding comes from refinement, timing, integration of multiple movement patterns in sequence. and, a lot of awareness. 


In my “White to Blue Belt Course” you’ll discover:


The true practical and fundamental concepts, philosophy and STRATEGY of Jiu-Jitsu. There is a reason we do everything we do and it’s important for students to understand those reasons.

Jiu jitsu is NOT a random, haphazard, disjointed, unrelated, hodgepodge of “techniques”. (or at least is shoudn’t be)


Another element at the Blue Belt level that is often completely ignored and or barely touched upon is the history and usage of Jiu jitsu specifically for Self Defense and Vale Todo and WHY they were developed.


Self Defense is the core of the Jiu Jitsu I was taught and it is what I am sharing with you. I took me two years to assemble, organize and complete all of this content for you.


I do have a problem though. I expect there will be a sizeable number of questions about the course work. If you know anything about me as an instructor…. THE DETAILS MATTER! And my problem is because of the detail involved in the teaching and the true importance of the material, I simply cannot offer this to everyone, so please do not share this email with others. Please keep this to yourself.  Seriously.


Here is what you need to know right now:


1) This is an exclusive group for ONLY White & Blue Belts who want to master the true fundamentals of jiu jitsu and the self defense it is rooted in. (I may (if necessary) let a handful of upper belts in depending on demand and need)


2) I’m sharing my entire White Belt to Blue Belt curriculum as taught by my own instructor and exactly what I’ve taught for the last 8 Years at Dynamix MMA.  


3) Every Sunday 2 technique videos are released (1x/week only so things can be extremely organized and easy to integrate into your jiu jitsu). Each week we’ll focus on mastering just two techniques fundamental techniques/concepts. And all the hidden details that really make them work.


4) During each week there will be additional Live Coaching & Bonus Videos. 


5) Each week you’ll have access to my progress report, and a short quiz to make certain the core concepts are cemented in.


6) And as my special gift and thanks to you for being “on the path” with me… I’m sending you a Hidden Jiu Jitsu patch. 
(Allow up to 90 days for shipping. It just depends on where we are at in the patch ordering cycle when you come on board)


Having seen countless students and friends go through this process its become clear that it takes a full year to build your foundation in to the point where is “automatic” in its execution when you’re training. I’m dividing the course in to two 6 month modules. But as always you can stop at anytime if you are not 100% happy and satisfied. All I’m asking in exchange is either $57 per month or $277 for a full 6 months. (you save $65.00)


I can GUARANTEE you that the guys training with me in LA either in my classes or privates are investing substantially more for access to this material… and I’m sure more than few are going to give me grief about the price break I’m offering you, but as I said…. 


Spreading the TRUE and FUNDAMENTAL “gospel” of jiu jitsu…THIS is what my life is ALL about… 


Sharing with you what I consider to be the MOST EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT jiu jitsu as taught to me by the Red Belt Master Many Claim to be the Best Who Ever Stepped On the Mat. 


I want to begin the White To Blue Belt coursework in the next little bit so please… If you’re interested in learning the fundamentals core concepts of my self defense driven Jiu Jitsu as taught to me by my very own instructor please reply back to this email and I’ll send you the link to apply personally.


– Henry Akins


PS – For the reasons I mentioned earlier in this page, I won’t be able to accept everyone for this new club.  It will be first come first served and the program is open ONLY to the first 200 people who register.  So please reply back right away to get your application.