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Henry Akins’ Hidden Jiu Jitsu
The “Optimists” Half Guard System

Because At The End Of The Day…
Half Guard Top = Its just side control with your leg stuck
Half Guard Bottom = Half way to a dominate position

What if just 2 body parts determined the winner of EVERY Half Guard Battle? Yup you better know which Two and what to do with them…

  • Ever been mounted from your half guard?
  • Ever mounted someone from their half guard?
  • Ever sweep someone from your half guard?
  • Ever recompose your guard from your half guard?
  • Ever submit someone from your half guard?
  • Ever passed from someone else’s half guard right into mount?
  • Ever passed from someone else’s half guard right into cross side (side control)?
  • Ever get swept from someone else’s half guard?
  • Ever get put back in someone else’s guard from half guard?
  • Ever get submitted in someone else’s half guard?

What if I told you something similar happened in EACH and EVERY ONE of these scenarios?

What if I told you that if you KNEW what was similar in EACH and EVERY ONE of these scenarios… You’d DOMINATE Half Guard in BOTH Top and Bottom Position!!!

    • Hey,
    • In Jiu Jitsu while it seems like the possibilities are endless the truth is pretty much every human is fundamentally constructed the same 5 limbs.
    • 1 head, 2 arms, 2 legs. With some obvious exceptions…. And yet the vast majority of people we train with, compete against, defend ourselves against, fit the “5 limbed” description.
    • This makes for many many similarities from one position to another. However this “mirroring” or positional similarity is no better demonstrated than in the half guard position.
    • It really is in many ways a “neutral position” because each combatant essentially has the same control. 1 leg.
    • And, what you discover as you go deep into studying the half guard position you discover that what works to advance from the top is virtually identical to what works to advance from the bottom.
    • This “deeper” understanding of the relationship between top and bottom leaves you with the ability to adapt to virtually any scenario and any opponent.
    • The key to OWNING every half guard exchange both top and bottom is what my Half Guard Training System is all about!
    • Sweep, Recover Guard, or take the back on demand from the bottom and Pass to the cross side or mount on demand from the top.
    • Even opponents with “tricky” or “sneaky” half guard games won’t be able to rattle you. Because what you’ll know are the FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS of the position both top and bottom.
    • While they have to rely on tricks to cover up the fact that they don’t know what you know!

The “Optimists” Half Guard On Top:

    • – Are you on top? Yes. How is your weight distributed? Where should your hands be? What’s your number 1
    • priority? If you don’t know…. Then you don’t know… you’re probably getting swept, submitted or put back in the guard at the very least.
    • – Ever get just your foot stuck behind you in your opponents half guard? Let me show you one simple idea that slides your foot out as if it someone sprayed it with cooking spray.
    • – FINALLY… the governing principles and concepts of the top of Half Guard. What works, what doesn’t, where each positional adjustment leads… Get ready to have your MindBlown
    • – Discover the MOST important thing you need to do FIRST, BEFORE you connect to your opponent with your hands?
    • – Discover the one thing NOBODY EVER wants you to do to them when your on top of Half Guard… and how to get it EVERY TIME
    • – Sometimes (even experienced grapplers) do DUMB things when on the bottom of half guard… here’s what to do to capitalize… QUICK.

The “Optimists” Half Guard On Bottom:

    • – Are you on the bottom? Yes. Are you “defending”? Are you “trying” to not get passed? You’re getting passed son. This is no way to attack the half guard position if you’re on the bottom.
    • – Just a handful of fundamental concepts that allow you to immediately and consistently neutralize your opponents top Half Guard game.
    • – Getting yourself in position to be 100% OFFENSIVE from the bottom of half guard requires you do just a handful of things BEFORE your opponent does. Do them right and you’re on top… Do them wrong and you’re getting FLATTENED.

If you like hearing training partners respond with ….

  • ◦ -WTF?
  • ◦ -How’d you do that?
  • ◦ -Can you show me that?
  • • -Nobody’s EVER done that to me
    Then this is the ONLY systematic approach to Half Guard Top & Bottom you need.
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Justin Chapweke – Black Belt

“Henry gave me one sentence and it completely changed how I look at Jiu Jitsu.”

Rob Wolf – Blue Belt

“Henry’s approach is completely different. Can’t endorse him enough”

Guillaume Duranton – Brown Belt

“Henry puts a microscope on every position & shows the tiny details to make the position always work.”

Total Half Guard System:

  • – Shutting down Half Guard from the top is EASY… everyone is playing a different style of half guard so you MUST MASTER the art of QUICLY identifying WHICH half guard your opponent is setting up and the EXACT “key movement” needed to SHUTDOWN their game no matter which one they are playing. And, I GUARANTEE you have never seen this simple approach to shutting down Half Guards.
  • – Making yourself 100% comfortable on the bottom of Half Guard requires you make ONE adjustment as your opponent sets up their Half Guard passing. Do it right and you’re on the attack and not stuck on the bottom… Do it wrong and you’re Under Water
  • Half Guard On Top – Concepts of Top Position From the Half Guard.
  • Half Guard On Top – Transitioning to the Mount.
  • Half Guard On Top – Freeing the Foot After Obtaining the Mount Position.
  • Half Guard On Top – Transitioning to the Cross Side Position.
  • Half Guard Bottom – Recovering the Guard.
  • Half Guard Bottom – Proper Bridging with Conection.
  • Half Guard Bottom – Hook-Sweep.
  • Haft Guard Bottom – Hook Sweep to Back.
  • Half Guard Bottom – Turning to the Knees or Turning to take the Back with Under Hook.
  • Half Guard Bottom – Sweeping with the Under Hook.
  • Half Guard Bottom – Recovery from Knee Slice Path.
  • Half Guard Bottom – Taking the Back from Low Half Guard.



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