Escapes Intro Seminar Part 1

The SLICKEST & Most Reliable Escapes From Virtually Every Position You Most Commonly Tap To…

  • Next time you’re in a HORRIBLE position, discover the peace, ease and relaxation needed to escape
  • Escape like a GHOST from any position?
  • Learn to NEVER be “afraid” of being in a submission attempt again
  • Understand WHY you just can’t finish certain submissions (from the defenders perspective)?
  • STOP attacks in their tracks… EVEN when your opponent is CERTAIN he’s “got you where he wants you”?
  • Discover the BIGGEST openings in some of the most common attacks your tapping to right now
  • Learn how to “reverse the tide” and completely take control from your opponent… just this one thing SHUTS down your opponents attack even before you begin your escape
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Henry’s Escape’s Intro Seminar Part 1 For Only $29