The #1 Question I Get Asked Everywhere I Go

“How do I ESCAPE Side Control?”

And here is my answer – Wanna escape side control?  Just tap.  Here’s why….

Not what people expect but just listen.

Look we all find ourselves on the bottom of side control sooner or later.

And the truth is most people should just tap and reset.

Now don’t go running off and tell everyone […]

Hidden Jiu Jitsu Breakdown: Kron Gracie Vs. JT Torres & New Mount Drills

I promised I was going to be adding more Hidden Jiu Jitsu content to all the courses so here it is the first FREE updates!

I’ve added 3 NEW videos to the mount maintenance and escape course and another FREE video to the closed guard course.

If you haven’t already joined get in there!

>> […]

Hidden Jiu Jitsu Seminar @ Alpha BJJ, 222 Benton St. Woodstock

Still a few spots left for my seminar this weekend in Woodstock Illinois. Just an hour or so outside Chicago, we will have a full catered lunch for everyone both days too so we can hang out and talk stories! It’s going to be a blast. Who’s coming that hasn’t registered?
Saturday October 17th, 2015 12:00 PM
Sunday October 18th, […]