Watch time: 8 minutes and 25 seconds.

In today’s video, you will learn…

  • The 4 reasons watching videos can actually be better than going to class.
  • Why I wish I had videos as I was learning Jiu-Jitsu in the 90s, even though I had access to who I consider to be the greatest of all time!
  • The practical reason videos can be so beneficial that isn’t often talked about (but everyone can agree with right away when it’s pointed out) [1:08]
  • The C-word that makes videos shine (hint: it’s NOT Consistency… but has to do with it!)
  • What videos have to do with one of the most studied advantages across all sports, that anyone can do anytime.
  • “____ is the mother of skill”. Find out why instructional videos help you shortcut one of the biggest challenges in developing high-level skill fast! [2:57]
  • Exposure vs absorbing information… and why videos give you a decided advantage.
  • How videos help you side step one of the most common problems, and biggest obstacles to progress, in Jiu-Jitsu (nobody escapes this if you train regularly). [4:38]
  • Why videos offer you  one of the biggest advantages you can ever have as a student of Jiu-Jitsu!!! (this might be the most important of all!) [6:06]


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